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. america lives starts right now. bye-bye. and we begin with a fox news alert out of washington, where we do expect to be briefed by the state department on the crisis in syria and what is a growing indication that world powers are ready to act to stop the blood shed. welcome to america live. president obama is keeping in close contact with our allies to determine the next step. the united nations acknowledged some coined of substance was used in last week's attack. the u.s. is prepared to act and moving four navy destroyers in the region. each is capable of caring 90 tomahawk missiles and they have nuclear powered submarines at its disposal. and un inspectors were able to get to the site for a second time. earlier this month they were shot at while they were trying to do their job. this comes as a suspected chemical weapon's attack killed hundreds of people. families were woiped out. in the midst of all of the sorrow, a story of hope. a father was reunited with a son he thought was killed in a recent attack. >> and only image the joy and no translation needed. the father was overcomed and n
organizations including al-qaeda in the araban peninsula have strengthened and we have here in washington, identified hua p as a potentially dangerous threat for sometime now. >> now with the u.s. embassy below emergency staffing it may have been the target. and u.s. officials will not confirm. that critics say the president is being foolish to make a distinction between al-qaeda and the different affiliates. >> the administration for four and half years, tried to slice and dice by defining al-qaeda's little sliver that is hanging out along the afghan- pakistan border that is a mischaracterization and what we are seeing is a demonstration of a reassertion of central control. >> yemen's president made clear he supports the drone strike. saying that hua p has driven out tourist. its fighters are more difficult to spot. >> we are also keeping an eye on the state department and we are going to go live there if any details emerge. there may be a briefing and so stay tuned for the latest information. >> one law makers is raising concerns about the mass embassy closure is sending to our enemies.
number 27. all of this reigniting the debate over whether washington should intervene. when the journalist ask if the president's comments on redline is time to act now this is how the administration reacted yesterday. >> i am not talking about redlines or debating red lines. i am not talking about red today. we have talked about that and litigated that and white house made announcements about that a couple of months ago, we are focusing on all reports and pushing for the un investigative time to have access. >> that is a state department spokeswoman after being pressed. we'll talk about retired lieutenant oliver north. >> what do you make of the response from the administration? >> it certainly locks like serum gas or nerve agents are the kinds of things that you are seeing in those who survived. there is no chemical analysis. but the united nation's team is requesting to recover this even and others over the last year since the redline comment was made. here's the problem, the fact that we have a president who said repeatedly in the past ad- libbed to the aides that there
to the white house's handling of the uprising when ralph peters joins us live. >> the washington post suggested that the white house and president's foreign policy is partly to blame for the violence in egypt. that is the lost the pressure on the president. the approval rating on the economy took a nose dive despite the tour this summer on job recreation. his approval rating is only 35 percent. it was 42 percent just a few weeks ago. the ratings on the federal deficit and budget are going down. here to explain is chris, who is host of fox >> hi, ally. >> how can the president's approval rating drop from 42 percent to 35 percent? >> maybe because he keeps talking about it. there was a joke that democrats used to tell after the 2011 election if a l gore had stayed out of sight for he would have won it. >> the economy is getting better and the recovery may not be galloping but it is steadier than a yearing on. and the president may be frustrating or annoying people. fox news polling showed in a real- time snapshot, the time he was talking to people, they liked him less. >> you ponented o
control. democratic law makers in washington proposing a bill that increases taxes on guns and ammunition by 50 percent. trace gal ger has more. >> shannon, two democratic congressman and danny davis of illinois is comparing the increase on guns and ammunition attacks on tobacco and the hope is, if you have to spend more you will lose it less. they claem that the tax would generate 600 million a year to fund things like law enforcement and gun prevention programs. it would raise the tax on all firearms from len percent to 20 percent. and raise the attacks on ammunition from len percent to 50 percent and raise the transfer tax on all weapons from $5 to $100. and congressman davis who represents parts of chicago where gun violence is ram pant, i am quoting here. gun violence raised epidemic porportions and woo can't tolerate the ongoing social and economic costs of inaction. critics do not believe the bill will pass but they will lobby against it admentally. and the anti- gun interest can't ban they want to tax out of existence. and the amendment by the way will be voted on when the house r
underestimated on the democratic side. running as someone who has been in and of washington for 25 years is not in sync as where the electorate mind is. her competency campaign may end up sounding like more of the same. >> and it is interesting theed in and outside thing. it clearly helped president obama that he was relatively an outsider and a very new septemberor and it was a time when a lot of people were tired of president bush according to the polls at that point and tired of the war in iraq and a lot of things inside washington and i wonder if that could work to her advantage to the end. and your thought on the republican names that are thrown in there. do you risk anything if you go in too early. people get sick of you and find somebody knew on the way that they would rather hear from. >> that is true, if you are like somebody like marco rubio or chris christie in new jersey and you don't want to be overexposed. if you are like sanatorium did it before. and one assumes donald trump must have a contract up with nbc. and with senator sanatorium he is threatening to start early and
on this in washington. hi, doug. >> the law firm representing lois lerner will have no comment regarding the letter sent to her by the house oversight letter. that letter says "the fact that it appears that lois home is saved in your irs e-mail account raises concerns that you have sent irs documents to at least one nonofficial e-mail dress and that you may have conducted official business using nonofficial accounts." >> here's the lady that pled the fifth and wouldn't answer congress' question or the questions of the american people and now they conducted professional business on a personal account hiding it from the taxpayers and hiding it from the american people. we want all of her e-mails that deals anything with this scandal, we want that information. >> the committee knows that lerner sent a speech she gave to her personal msn account. the u.s. code states in particular about this kind of thing. no officer or employee of the united states shall disclose any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer. >> we don't know who has access
of opportunity for folks to get in the middle class? and as washington heads towards another budget debate, the stakes could not be higher. and that's why i'm traveling around, laying out my ideas for how we have to build the cornerstone of what it means to be middle class. a good job with good wages, a home to call your own, a good education, affordable health care that's there for you when you get sick. a secure retirement even if you're not rich. >> well, a new fox news poll finds the president's message may be falling on deaf ears. an overwhelming majority of voters 71% believe the new speeches are full of old ideas. we have team fox coverage. doug mcelway has more on the jobless numbers that often goes unreported. first to fox news editor chris stie wall, the host of power play. hi chris. >> hi ally. >> 71% of respondents say the president is offering nothing new. the polls come on the heels of the president having traveled around the country talking about the economy. >> yeah. and he went out and said it was new. well, i've got a new idea for a tax plan, i have a new idea for this an
today, also from washington. now signs that one of the american unions may be in trouble. a lciowa o issing to get support from aclu. and other clubs. this is union density. and the private sector is a historic low of 6.5 percent. doug is live from washington. >> no one called to the decline in union membership and they a self inflicted and not just the globalization of manufacturing and the shift of domestic manufacturing and write to work states and infraparty fouzed. they are often union jobs as well. and that is prompted the president to say in an interview with usa today, we are in cries and is have to do it differently. >> partnering with the left leaning groups like the na cp. and even if they are nonunion. >> this is the way i look at. it what we are doing in the last 30 years is not working well. >> americans have rejected unions, particularly young people. if you look at overall unionization rate. it is remarkable. and the fact is, i think most people work in the private sector and they want their companies to be successful and see the labor unions more and efficient. >> th
and what we saw reported in the washington post via edward snowden, is that abuse occurs and probably the most troubling in all of this is what we heard about the efforts to evade over sight and evade the court that is supposed to be that we heard that is the watch dog on this. so for the president, it is something more than a trip to jay leno's couch is necessary to talk to the american people about this. >> what is also troubling, the audit only involved one operating unit and there are a great many. 2776 intrusions in one unit but for every intrusion could include thousands of intercepts of american's conversations and e-mails. you do the math. chris, you could be listening to millions of folks and yet you mentioned leno's couch, take a listen. >> we put in additional safe guards to make sure there is federal court oversight and there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. >> was the president dishonest or was he simply utterly uninformed and clueless? or sloppy and careless with the facts which some people say he is wont to do if >> how about clintonni
of power play. chris, i thought washington couldn't get anything done. >> absolutely, it took you being up in new york. you left town, i don't know what it was that you were doing. a bipartisan accord move worked out and president obama urged his administration to get involved and democrats and republicans came together to solve a problem. but wait, it was a problem about them. it was their staffs. this was not what the law intended to do. the law didn't intend chuck grassly, a conservative from iowa put in the provision, you all if you want the law take the same health coverage it gives. democrats didn't want to do it then, but had to take it otherwise it would look bad. when they wrote the law, you remember when they did this. it was like trying to shoo in an octbuts. they hurry to pass this thing. and it didn't work out and as a result the people who work for the law makers were going to lose out on the same employer contribution to the health insurance that you and i and most americans receive. >> what i would understand it would be costly, the young staffers are saying i am not gettin
. >> to often over the past two years, washington took its eye off of the ball. they have allowed political postural and phony scandal to distract from our economy and growing middle-class. >> fox news poll find that people do not agree with the president. the interest in the benghazi terrorist attack is anything but phony and not phony to voters, nsa snooping on americans. and the justice department seizing telephone records and irs targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny. host of power play on fox news live. chris, you have written your insightful and provocative column today. it is entitled phony? balonnie. reporters are going to ask him about that phrase, right? >> oh, sure. this is where the rubber meets the rod. it is 100 since the president did a full press conference, in the end of april and it has been a hundred days and all of those scandals have grown, in case matacicized and in the case of the irs and spreading to other agencies and getting more difficult for the president who is getting ready to leave on vacation. it is a turby drop. you go and put it out there and giv
. the reality is, if someone show up thinking they are the second coming of george washington is not good for us. >> there is a number of groups to single out. and also, when you talk about state's rights and how to make the world a better place. that is a lot of people out there. and that is the same kind of language with the irs singling out the te party. >> the military fight and caution about and lay their lives on the line for fairness and equality and american values, the same values that our founding fathers put their lives on the line for. in times of change, it is what you define a radical to be. was washington a radical? i bet the king of england thought he was. they fought for principle and the army and military singling out is something that unamerican or something that the military should not follow is quite the opposite. they have it totally skewed as to what the principles of so- called radicals are fighting for. we are fighting for them today. te party is fighting for fairness and equality and responsibility from debt and taxes. they are not foreign subjects. >> i want to let fol
the possibility of parole. >> you may have to watch your step in a historic cemetery in washington. that is because more than a hundred goats graze the cemetery lawns. even these guys have to cut through bureaucratic red tape to get the job; what does this mean, trace? >> the cemetery is 35 acre on capitol hill and the hope is by releasing the goals and clean up the land mark in six or sen days and eliminates the voins and poison ice vy and fertilizer likewiser comes at no coast. this is the man who owns eco goats. >> they can deputy places people don't want to go. they are ideal and maces with a lot of rocks and thorns and high tick. >> we can get 14 or 15 hours a day out of the goats depending on daylight. >> with them there is no need for dangerous herbicides and keep invasive species from killing off the trees. the goats started grazing today but almost didn't and the dc health department wanted to make sure the goats had a clone bill of health. they are in the process of getting cleared and eating all of the bad stuff up and leaving mementos beend. next time you visit one of y
in washington and the center for community change, they launched young invincibles that does the outreach to young people and a lot of money involved here and nothing compared to the millions that are spent and helped to educate and sale. and we have navigators and cent million for people in grants. and able to access your personal information and a lot of selling for something that was going to be so fabulous people will be clamoring for it. >> you know it is up when they have to get an a d campaign for free stuff. if they have it available for a long time people would be attracted to the free stuff and they would stay; but the problem for the president is that the law is unpopular and uncertain as it goes into the implementation phase. if these targeted desirable young people can't be forced as they haven't been able to our lured as i betel that not be able to by the video into the process, everybody's insurance rates will go up under the law and if that happens tincreases the chance his signature achievement will get wiped out or remade by the follower or successor which could be hilla
in washington and has covered this case extensively. any chance that changes at this point? >> i don't think there's any chance that changes because of the framework of this prosecution. just to remind viewers, we were the first network to report the defense department was dealing with this massacre in the broader context of workplace violence and not an act of domestic terrorism. what's significance major hassan released these documents to fox news in the last couple of weeks in the ramp up to this prosecution. it's crystal clear in these documents, major hasan believes it was his own personal jihad and fol lower lower of a nwar a. and he signs it that he has seen this as his own personal attack and the same acronym on his birthd business card at ft. hood. very specifically this was a prosecution that dealt with it almost like it was a drive-by shooting, if you will, not in the context of homegrown terrorism. >> the prosecutor obviously, there were plenty of things they wanted to offer into evidence they weren't allowed to. limits on things. you mentioned his connection to al awa lackey, te
in washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with democrats. democrat steny hoyer said russia should be, could be, i hoped would be a much more positive partner but he added they haven't been very good at thank. >>> some editorial writers are hearing a theme emerging in president obama's recent speeches, the president pledging to use his executive power to impose policy when he believes congress is not cooperating. here's the president in illinois just last week. >> some of these ideas i talked about before. some of the ideas i offer will be new. some will require congress. some i will pursue on my own. i will not allow gridlock or inaction or wilful indifference to get in our way. whatever executive authority i have to help the middle class, i'll use it. where i can't act on my own and congress isn't cooperating i'll pick up the phone and call ceos and i'll call philanthropists and college presidents and labor leaders, i'll call anybody who can help and enlist them in our efforts. so, yeah, congress is tough right now but that's not going to stop me. we're going do eve
out on the money pch doug mcel way has this story forness washington. doug? >> that's right, jamie. there are many, many others. you may remember the case of raul castillo who won the largest contract in history, $500 million for ip services. he applied for the construct through the business program designed to give wounded warriors preference in contracts. but his disability was a twisted ankle al military prep school 27 years ago. when he testified in june about that contract a real double warrior, double amputee, tore into him. listen up. >> twisting your ankle is not serving this nation, mr. castillo. the veteran owned program is ripe with fraud and abuse because nobody in government checks for honesty. take the case of warren parker who won $5 million in government contracts for his construction firm. >> mr. parker add tremendously heroic r heroic resume. three purple hearts. he even kept a diary of snipers hits from vietnam. it turns out it was a fraud. mr. parker served five years in missouri national guard. he never left the state. >> after parker was sentenced to jail, the
no plans ever to track users. but many questions remain. the washington post editorial this week. if the police arrest you, do you need a warpt to rifle through your cell phone? >> they are split on this question. the obama administration asked the supreme court that the fourth administration allows warrantless cell phone searches. it is legal for law enforcement to track somebody's movement through the cell phone without getting a warrant. critics say that is just wrong. >> the constitution doesn't allow for a single warrant to get a billion phone records. they have a warrant that wants all of verizon's phone calls and all of at&t phone calls and et cetera and they are looking at all cell phone calls in america every day. >> so hopefully the supreme court will rule on whether or not the fourth amendment applies to the cell phone data. if you are concerned about being tracked through the cell phone, best thing to do is don't oen one and power it off when not using it and take the battery out of. it >> how would we survive, doug. i will send you a smoke signal. thanks, doug. >> br
the dinner. we've historical fiction in this time since washington irving. when you take a complex issue like south africa and rate it somehow racist, it is unfair to subject matter and subject of of that portrayal. there are other things that aren't quite right, like giving the butler cash to mail to people. there is no evidence of that. reagan would write checks during the early 80s, but they would go to the secretary to mail to people. in that scene with mrs. reagan talk together put letter, right before that, she is seen in the movie talking to an aide and sounds like she is planning a summit in moscow. like she is somehow part of foreign aid and that is ridiculous. when there are politics involved, a a lot of times there is creative license here. it is base owned a story. not factual. but the people that don't see them don't always get that disclosur disclosure. they think it f it is on the screen, it has been vetted and it is factual. >> the screen play or tell play was written for "game change." which people thought was grossly unfir for sarah palin and also for "recount" which people
his red line against syria. i do think in washington what's happened in the last 48 hours, the british have backed off, french have backed off, germans have backed off, turks have backed off. the united nations is clearly not going to endorse any military action. at this point, president obama, if he does do some kind of military strike on syria, he's not leading from behind. he is leading exposed and alone in something even his own military is telling him has a very small likelihood of success. >> general, with all those things in mind, does the president press forward? we heard defense secretary hagel say we don't act without an international coalition of some kind. as mentioned, some seem to be cooling off to this idea today. >> that's this administration's policy not to act without and international coalition. i think in my own mind he should have acted by now. he should have informed the u.n., should have informed the congress, consulted his allies. if those allies who could meet the timeline that he wanted had wanted to participate, should do so and those weapons long delivered.
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)